For more than 15 years, Canadian born Steve John has created and written authentic stories that have turned into award-winning work for Wal-Mart, Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL),, 12 Foot Beard Whiskey, Hallmark and AT&T. As a Creative Director, Steve has proven experience developing a diverse creative culture which empowers and motivates teams while building strong and lasting client relationships. Currently, he leads a team that works on 6 brands, including: The Climate Corporation, Stag Beer, 12 Foot Beard Whiskey, Rabobank and others. Steve seeks to create a culture that encourages creatives to not be afraid to fail. He's a champion for the role of emerging technologies as long as they are in service to a compelling story.

When he's not at the office late, he's feverishly working as the owner, writer and artist of his own publishing company: Ichabod Oldbuck Press.

Recently, Steve created, produced, launched and hosts the 12 Foot "Beardcast" — a podcast dedicated to highlighting people of character and integrity from all walks of life.

"Steve John is the real deal. Here's a Creative Director who still, amidst all the song and dance of "modern" agency life, will fight like hell for the best idea to win. He's kept the best parts of our ad heroes — ones who rake creators of thin briefs over hot coals — and added a sense of tomorrow." Caitlin Steever CD

"Steve is one of those creatives that really gets into the consumer’s head and wants to know how things work, why they work and how to make it happen on the advertising end. I was never disappointed with his contributions — in fact, I was almost always amazed at what kind of thinking he would bring to a project." Karen Gregory CD

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